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The industries' best in-transit tracking technology

Find out how we support millions of journeys across rail, road, sea and air. Providing assurance, coverage and security in the high value, cold chain and dry goods sectors.

Comprehensive asset tracking features for any scenario

With our intelligent devices working together seamlessly and our low code configurable software, we can help you build a solution for any asset tracking scenario across indoor and outdoor environments.

Find out how we track and integrate across multiple industries and use cases.

Precision UWB technology

Boost your operations with our versatile UWB positioning technology: from precise asset tracking to process monitoring and safety critical support, all within a few feet's accuracy, it's ideal for smart factories and comprehensive facility oversight.



How our technology helps you.

Location geofences.

Using a combination of user and AI generated geofences, we provide alerting, reporting, and data reporting services on asset/package movement.


How our technology helps you.

Certified with 60+ airlines.

Our solutions support multi-modal journeys across the globe. Our comprehensive list of supported airlines give your journeys more flexibility.

Certifications in 65 countries.

Our devices are certified for use globally. We ensure our devices can communicate anywhere so you can focus your business.

Comprehensive device management.

Our cloud-based device management platform streamlines the oversight of your device infrastructure with effortless ease. Got your own software? Our APIs can sync up with your system in just a few clicks.

End to end visibility.

With solid tracking technology that covers both indoor environments and transit routes, you gain seamless end-to-end visibility throughout your assets’ journey.

Hybrid positioning.

Using a combination of location services and deep learning, our devices have enhanced position accuracy.


Market leading in-transit products.



The LocoTrack Primary HGD4 is a non-rechargeable battery-operated device designed for supply chain, asset tracking – On the Road, Rail, Air or Ocean as well as various under roof applications. 


LocoTag E4BL

The E4BL, operates in tandem with System Loco devices, providing comprehensive environmental sensing of humidity and temperature conditions. Additionally, it can log data every 15 minutes to local memory for up to 30 days, ensuring a thorough record of environmental parameters.

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About System Loco

Industry leaders using our in-transit solution


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