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System Loco technology provides the backbone to the intelligent pallet industry, making shipments safe, sustainable and hygenic.

PalletPros: Intelligent Pallets Revolutionising the Supply Chain

System Loco technology provides the backbone to the intelligent pallet industry, making shipments safe, sustainable and hygenic.


PalletPros is a pioneering reusable pallet enterprise aiming to disrupt the pallet management sector by offering sustainable and effective solutions across the United States. To realize this vision, PalletPros collaborated with System Loco, a reputable supplier of IoT hardware and data services.

This case study illustrates how System Loco’s state-of-the-art technology equipped PalletPros with an integrated pallet solution that revolutionized their ability to monitor their pallet fleet, optimize logistics, and furnish superb service to their clientele.

The Challenge

PalletPros encountered multiple obstacles in overseeing their collection of reusable pallets. Key challenges involved guaranteeing pallet availability to clients, keeping precise logistic records, and diminishing dwell time. The incapacity to proficiently track pallets led to loss, theft, and restricted visibility over pallet whereabouts, thereby hindering supply chain functionality.

The Solution

In pursuit of an all-encompassing remedy to their issues, PalletPros partnered with System Loco. Utilizing System Loco’s IoT technology and data services, PalletPros sought to develop a fully-integrated pallet solution capable of tracking their pallet fleet throughout the United States while providing real-time data to their sophisticated logistics platform.

Key Benefits

Pallet Tracking & Location Awareness

System Loco’s hardware and data services equipped PalletPros with the capability to monitor pallet locations in real-time. This newfound visibility ensured superior logistics planning and optimized supply chain management.

Minimized Dwell Time

Leveraging System Loco’s technology, PalletPros was able to pinpoint instances where pallets were idle for extended durations at specific sites. Reducing dwell time allowed for more effective pallet allocation, improved availability, and increased operational efficiency.

Loss & Theft Prevention

IoT hardware from System Loco facilitated rapid localization of pallets in situations of loss or theft, enabling a proactive mitigation strategy. This significantly cut down on financial setbacks and

Reliable Data Services

System Loco’s data services was consistently dependable, offering accurate, real-time details on pallet movements and locations. PalletPros leveraged this data for informed decision-making, route optimization, and streamlined logistics.

Technical Expertise & Quality Hardware

The technical acumen and top-grade IoT hardware furnished by System Loco were crucial in actualizing an effective, integrated pallet solution for PalletPros. The hardware’s robustness and reliability were vital for ensuring a continuous flow of data and a smooth tracking experience.

Results & Impact

The partnership with System Loco had a transformative effect on PalletPros’ business operations. Through the integrated pallet solution, PalletPros notably decreased pallet loss, heightened logistics precision, and streamlined their supply chain. These advantages culminated in elevated customer satisfaction, as PalletPros could more reliably and efficiently meet client demands.

Furthermore, the alliance with System Loco lent PalletPros a competitive advantage. Features like real-time tracking, reduced dwell time, and proactive pallet management boosted PalletPros’ industry standing, attracting a broader clientele and expanding their market reach.


System Loco’s IoT hardware and data services were instrumental in metamorphosing PalletPros’ approach to pallet management. The integrated solution facilitated real-time tracking of the reusable pallet fleet across the United States, logistics optimization, and exceptional customer service. By slashing pallet loss, averting theft, and enhancing overall logistics, System Loco’s technological contributions not only shielded PalletPros from significant financial loss but also empowered them to excel in the market and deliver unparalleled service to their customers. The collaboration with System Loco stands as a cornerstone of PalletPros’ achievements in the sustainable pallet sector.

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