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By making things easy to find,

you can focus on what's important.

Most people waste more than an hour a day* at work and a third waste more than 3 hours**!

The main issues are unsolicited and unwanted: distractions from email, text messages and other colleagues.

By making things easy to find you won't be distracted and you won't distract anyone else by asking for help.

On average it takes 15 minutes to recover from a distraction. Its worse if your job involves mentally complexity. 

An average engineer takes an hour to fully rebuild what was in their mind after a 'quick interruption'***

Loco Assets

Loco Assets is our flagship product, built to make locating and monitoring assets easy

Our tools are

easy to use   |   easy to install   |   easy to set up

They will save you (& your company) a lot of time

Request our simple ROI calculator to find out what your latent potential and tied up resources are worth

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...and create better things in a better way

If you're a company wanting an IoT solution to unlock value in your business, you have a difficult choice:

  • use off the shelf technology – it’s cheap and reliable, but is often hard to adapt to specific needs

  • have custom technology made for their need. This will address the problem, but will either be flaky or really expensive

  • do nothing / wait

with us, difficult problems don't have costly solutions

because we've done the hard work in advance and already built a complete IoT system

we can focus all new development work on exactly what makes your application different. 

Better IoT Tools



We are different 


In contrast to standard industry practice we control all elements in the system - each part complements the others.


This underpins all our performance advantages: small, light, highly functional & low-cost

The system in system loco

A huge gap in quality is created by integrating tracking devices from one company and tracking services from another. Each company develops its product in isolation and designs it to be easily and widely integrated with other components from different suppliers. This means that overall solution quality is commonly dictated by the performance of the weakest element.


To build really a great user experience, you need to design all the components together to do what's needed from the beginning,

not cobble things together at the end.





We have built our own complete system to be perfect for ultra low power tracking and monitoring.

To reduce compromise we had to control everything; 

hardware, firmware, architecture, server software, communications & security.

Each element has been designed with the others in mind to ensure very low power,

small size, long battery life, and very high positioning accuracy.

And here’s the value: lower power, without compromising performance.


When a system is designed together the whole does add up to more than the sum of the parts.





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