Enhancing Pharmaceutical Logistics with Innovative Solutions

In the dynamic pharmaceutical industry, precision, traceability and reliability are of utmost importance. Whether it's safeguarding temperature-sensitive medications or ensuring timely clinical trial deliveries, the integrity of your pharmaceutical shipments is non-negotiable. At System Loco, we specialize in providing tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by the pharmaceutical sector.

Supports the Full Range of Temperature-Sensitive Shipments:

Our solutions are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical logistics needs, including:

  • Cold Chain: Ensuring the integrity of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biologics during transit.
  • Clinical Trials: Timely and secure delivery of clinical trial materials, supporting medical advancements.
  • Specialty Pharma: Protecting high-value specialty pharmaceuticals, including rare disease treatments.
  • Cell & Gene Therapy: Preserving the integrity of life-altering therapies that offer hope and save lives.
  • Biologics: Maintaining the stringent temperature requirements of biologic drugs, vaccines, and biosimilars.
  • Medical Devices: Securing medical devices and equipment, including diagnostic tools and surgical instruments.
  • Temperature-Controlled Packaging Providers: Empowering packaging specialists with real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • 3PL specializing in pharma & biologics: Supporting third-party logistics providers specializing in pharmaceuticals and biologics.

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Case Studies

Enhancing Secure Shipments Monitoring with System Loco

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Cold Chain Monitoring

Introducing our cold chain sensors


LocoTag C2PL

The LocoTag C2PL can accurately log thermocouple readings.


LocoTag E4BL

The perfect solution for condition monitoring and logging of goods in-transit.

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