The next generation RTLS is here now.

Our next generation real time indoor positioning is cutting edge, offering accuracy and extended battery in a compact package. Our solution can integrate quickly with all major software platforms.

What makes our RTLS best in class?

  • Proven in the most demanding industrial environments

  • Sub 1m accuracy indoors

  • Easy to install, integrate and operate

  • Self configuring tracking that works automatically

  • Creation of zones both indoors and outdoors

  • Easy to compose custom solutions for any use case

  • Simple integrations into all major SaSS products

Process improvements begin here.

From tracking assets to people, deploy our solution and get up and running with process monitoring and improvements in weeks not months.

How our solution works

System Loco’s four-stage approach encompasses understanding client needs, delivering a tailored solution with seamless integration, providing robust support post-installation, and continuous optimization for lasting effectiveness.

Understanding Your Needs

Our team of solution experts starts by diving deep into your specific requirements. We focus on what you need to track, your existing workflows, and any necessary integrations.

Tailored Delivery

We bring you a customized solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing operations. This include everything from hardware and software to integrations and training, ensuring a smooth transition.

Support Your Installation

Post-installation, we're there to ensure everything runs like clockwork. our support is aimed at maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your new solution.

Continuous Improvement and Optimisation

We don't just set up and step away. We stayed engaged, helping you optimise and refine the solution, ensuring it evolved with your business needs and technological advancements.


How our technology helps you.

Location geofences

Using a combination of user and AI generated geofences, we provide alerting, reporting, and data reporting services on asset/package movement.


How our technology helps you.

Certified with 60+ airlines.

Our solutions support multi-modal journeys across the globe. Our comprehensive list of supported airlines give your journeys more flexibility.

Certifications in 65 countries.

Our devices are certified for use globally. We ensure our devices can communicate anywhere so you can focus your business.

Comprehensive device management.

Our cloud-based device management platform streamlines the oversight of your device infrastructure with effortless ease. Got your own software? Our APIs can sync up with your system in just a few clicks.

End to end visibility

With solid tracking technology that covers both indoor environments and transit routes, you gain seamless end-to-end visibility throughout your assets’ journey.

Hybrid positioning.

Using a combination of location services and deep learning, our devices have enhanced position accuracy.

Case Studies

Intelligent Pallets Revolutionising the Supply Chain

System Loco technology provides the backbone to the intelligent pallet industry, making shipments safe, sustainable and hygenic.

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