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Find out more on how we support ChainRevolution with their incredible supply chain visibility and risk management solutions.

ChainRevolution: Transforming Supply Chain Operations with System Loco

Find out more on how we support ChainRevolution with their incredible supply chain visibility and risk management solutions.


ChainRevolution is a supply chain enterprise focused on reshaping the logistics sector through advanced technology and data-centric solutions. A crucial driver of ChainRevolution’s rise to prominence was their collaboration with System Loco, a leading supplier of devices and data services for supply chain systems. This case study explores how System Loco’s contributions have positioned ChainRevolution as a competitive entity in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant, enhancing operational efficiency and catalyzing remarkable growth.

The Challenge

Before the alliance with System Loco, ChainRevolution grappled with multiple issues constraining their growth and operational effectiveness. Their existing supply chain platform was hampered by limited scalability, an absence of real-time analytics, and a disjointed integration between their physical fleet and software solutions. The lack of a reliable data services provider resulted in subpar decision-making, elevated downtime, and diminished visibility in supply chain operations.

The Solution

Seeking a holistic solution, ChainRevolution turned to System Loco. System Loco furnished ChainRevolution with millions of devices boasting superior tracking and monitoring functionalities. These devices were smoothly integrated into ChainRevolution’s existing architecture, thereby closing the gap between their physical assets and software enterprise.

Key Benefits

Reduced Integration Time

System Loco’s devices and data services came with easy-to-implement integration solutions. This significantly reduced the time and effort required to deploy the new system, ensuring a smooth transition without major disruptions to their ongoing operations.


% uptime

With System Loco’s data services, ChainRevolution experienced an impressive 99% uptime.

Enhanced Decision-making

Data harvested from System Loco’s devices endowed ChainRevolution with invaluable analytical perspectives. Real-time analytics and predictive models aided in pinpointing inefficiencies, prospective bottlenecks, and growth areas, fortifying data-driven decision-making processes.


The scalability of System Loco’s solutions effortlessly accommodated ChainRevolution’s expansion requirements. As the business grew, the infrastructure scaled seamlessly to meet rising demands, ensuring uniform performance and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Software Business

System Loco’s integrative services fortified ChainRevolution’s software arm with real-time tracking and data insights. This offered them a competitive advantage, facilitating enhanced, customized services tailored to client-specific needs.

Results & Recognition

The partnership with System Loco resulted in impressive gains for ChainRevolution, most notably in operational proficiency, cost-efficiency, and customer satisfaction. A data-centric approach aided in optimal route planning, shortened delivery times, and proactive issue management. This outstanding performance garnered ChainRevolution a spot as a challenger in the esteemed 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant, solidifying their market presence and opening avenues for new business endeavors.


The collaboration with System Loco was a milestone for ChainRevolution. The implementation of a massive device network, supported by top-notch data services, empowered ChainRevolution to refine their supply chain mechanics, launch innovative solutions, and realize significant business expansion. With System Loco’s backing, ChainRevolution has carved out a niche as an industry challenger, and their joint focus on tech and data analytics promises to propel ongoing success in the dynamic logistics environment.

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