Tracking shipments in transit.

Supply Chain

Our technology underpins solutions for tracking on monitoring the integrity or shipments for market leaders in the supply chain sector.

Asset Tracking & Monitoring

We supply indoor and outdoor tracking and monitoring technology to defence, pharmaceutical and manufacturing, using automation and workflows to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Real Time Location Services

Our next generation UWB technology is cutting edge, offering real time indoor positioning more accurately, for longer.

Industries we support


Explore how our specialised condition monitoring and predicative arrival systems guarantee timely and secure delivery for pharmaceutical shipments.

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High Value Goods

We've partnered with the industry leaders in High Value Goods shipments, find out how our solution is the best in market.

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Food and Beverage

Check out how our advanced condition monitoring and predicative arrival tech ensures your shipments are precisely on time and fully intact.

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Smart Factory

We combine industry leading technology with easy integrations to make process improvement a success.

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Market leading supply chain products.



The LocoTrack Primary HGD4 is a non-rechargeable battery-operated device designed for supply chain, asset tracking – On the Road, Rail, Air or Ocean as well as various under roof applications. 


LocoTag E4BL

The E4BL, operates in tandem with System Loco devices, providing comprehensive environmental sensing of humidity and temperature conditions. Additionally, it can log data every 15 minutes to local memory for up to 30 days, ensuring a thorough record of environmental parameters.

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