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System Loco Achieves Milestone: Specialized Medical Device Enters Mass Production for Leading Global Pharma Company

Author: Daniel Essafi, System Loco COO

Published: January 2024

Contact: LinkedIn

Image by Artur Tumasjan
In a significant milestone, System Loco has successfully completed regulatory approvals for its unique medical device, marking the commencement of mass production. This achievement comes after an intensive collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company in the United States, where the innovative device is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. The shared intellectual property (utility patent pending) resulting from the close partnership, underscores the depth of collaboration between the two companies. The device is not slated for general sale but is exclusively crafted for large-scale deployment within this specific customer's operations. As the device enters mass production, its impact on enhancing operational efficiency, patient care, and ultimately making surgeries more cost effective is one step closer, with deployment planned throughout 2024. This focused approach to product development aligns with System Loco's commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique requirements of key clients, showcasing the effectiveness of strategic collaborations in pushing the boundaries of IoT technologies in medical applications. System Loco's venture into large-scale production for this blue-chip partner not only solidifies its reputation as a key player in the industry but also highlights the adaptability of its technology to address the evolving needs of healthcare giants. This development signifies a noteworthy chapter in the ongoing narrative of technology-driven advancements within the healthcare sector.

Background in Research

System Loco: The ideal partner in pharma technologies

System Loco stands out as the partner of choice for forward-thinking Pharma companies looking to harness the power of IoT and applied machine learning in their operations. Our foundation is deeply rooted in groundbreaking research and development, evidenced by our continued success and innovative breakthroughs. Our dedicated team of scientists and engineers is not only passionate but also exceptionally skilled in transforming complex technological concepts into tangible solutions that drive industry advancements.

With a track record of cultivating strong R&D partnerships, System Loco is poised to revolutionize the MedTech and Pharma landscapes. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, and our journey is just gaining momentum. We’re eager to engage with Pharma leaders who are ready to explore the uncharted territories of innovation and to co-create solutions that will set new standards in healthcare technology.

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