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Introducing the LocoTag T1B Intelligent Door Seal from System Loco

Dom finn

Author: Dominic Finn, CPO

Published: November 2023

Contact: LinkedIn

New Technology

Prepare for the container security industry to be disrupted.


System Loco is excited to unveil the game changing LocoTag T1B sensor, dubbed the “Intelligent Door Seal”, This innovative tech is a game-changer in container security, offering real-time alerting that’s about to shake things up in the industry.

As the masterminds behind this technology, System Loco teamed up with OverHaul and TydenBrooks to bring this ground-breaking door seal solution to the market.

Our Intelligent Door Seal isn’t just a smart design, when coupled with the System Loco HGD4 Mobile Gateway and the LocoAware Logistics Cloud you have the ultimate container tracking bundle, perfect for tracking shipments across the world. With intelligence at edge, this solution will make sure it it’s able to track multi-modal journeys in more than 65 countries.

Background in Research

The TydenBrooks logo

About TydenBrooks

TydenBrooks is a company with a storied heritage, renowned for its role in securing assets across industries worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of security seals and related products, TydenBrooks has a history stretching back over a century.

With a broad product line that includes indicative seals, barrier seals, and electronic seals, TydenBrooks has solutions for virtually any application. The company serves a diverse clientele, from logistics and cargo to retail and utilities, ensuring the integrity and safety of goods in transit. With the T1B intelligent container seal, Tyden Brooks looks to disrupt and lead again with a new era of IoT enabled container seal sensors, combining System Loco’s logistics cloud with industry leading customer service and know-how.

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