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The big battery debate

Dom finn

Author: Dominic Finn, CPO

Published: April 2024

Contact: LinkedIn

System Loco devices have outstanding battery lives

At System Loco, we're passionate about battery technology. It might sound unusual, but for IoT devices in the field, battery management is crucial.

Imagine this: most people would want their sensors to report data-like location, temperature, or condition of an asset-constantly. However, constant reporting means batteries drain fast, often lasting only a couple of days, which can frustrate anyone relying on these devices.

Here’s why battery life is a big deal: Every time a device connects to a mobile network or tries to pinpoint its GPS location, it consumes power. This consumption spikes when connections fail, especially in areas with poor reception, leading to even quicker battery depletion.

The Key Questions in Our Battery Strategy

  • Connection Attempts: How often should a device try to connect before giving up?
  • Connection Failures: How do we differentiate between temporary and permanent connectivity issues?
  • Reporting Frequency: What’s the ideal interval for data reporting, considering the battery life?
  • Adaptive Reporting: Can we adjust data reporting based on sensing conditions? What are the optimal conditions for

At System Loco, we delve into vast amounts of data to refine our battery management strategies. Our collaboration with customers is crucial; it helps us tailor device behavior to specific needs.

We’ve gathered millions of data points across the US, and reality often strays far from ideal laboratory conditions. Our real-world data sets are invaluable for predicting battery usage more accurately, which informs the development of smarter, more efficient battery management systems.

This approach is what enables us to deliver an almost "automagic" experience with System Loco devices-they just work, seamlessly fitting into your daily operations without the constant need for intervention or maintenance.

Our obsession with battery is what lead us to our LocoTag "P" devices. We implenent part of the BLE protocol but do not use the full protocol. This allows us to have a very low power consumption and a very long battery life.

This really is a sneak preview into our world. To learn more about how our entire architecture from hardware, firmware, protocols and behaviours are built for outstanding battery life, get in touch with us.

Watch Telit's video on battery life in IoT devices

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Dom finn

Author: Dominic Finn, CPO

March 2024

LocoAware now supports Wialon integration

Unlock enhanced asset and supply chain tracking with the new integration between System Loco and Wialon. This collaboration brings advanced tracking capabilities directly to Wialon users, enabling seamless monitoring of assets in transit across more countries and modalities. Designed for simplicity, it empowers users with no technical background to effortlessly enhance their operations, ensuring quality, precision, and comprehensive coverage for a holistic view of asset status and location.